Aktuellt Halloween – Best Digital Campaign
Nyheter Våra jobb 20 February, 2019

Halloween – Best Digital Campaign

Welcom’s Halloween Campaign for Liseberg was acknowledged as Best Digital Campaign of 2018 in major national PR competition

Based on the insights that censorship is fear’s best friend, and that modern media thrives on clicks, Welcom created a PR-driven campaign that attracted both views and journalistic attention and exceeded their client’s stated goals.

Two different target groups (families with children and young adults) received two different versions of the same film. The main one was aimed at young adults, horror enthusiasts and news-hungry editors and was filled with all the elements we expect from a classic horror movie in the form of blood and gore.

 The shorter trailer that was published for broader, family-friendly, viewing had been edited and lacked most of the scary scenes.

Motivation of the “Stora PR-Priset” (The BIG PR Award): “For showing great courage and daring in challenging traditional and anticipated marketing strategies. By going in a completely opposite direction and daring to build the idea of NOT being visible in the channel that the target group is most present in, one still managed to get organic spread. With a smart implementation everything went as planned and the reach was even better than expected and with a clear result. Fresh, daring and very scary….

Warning! By clicking below you will be exposed to the banned film.