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Welcom qualifies for four nominations in Publishingpriset

Welcom is proud to be represented in various categories, from long time client Liseberg to the newest part of our digital family Lagerhaus.

The nominations cover the very first Swedish slasher movie “Korthuset” for Liseberg in the film category, the AI based gymnasium compass "Gymnasiekoll" for AcadeMedia as well as the new e-commerce site “Joyful shopping” for Lagerhaus, both nominated for web. Lastly Göteborg Energi’s annual sustainability report “Hållbara ihop” for the print category.

“We’re thrilled to be nominated in different categories and with four different clients. It just goes to show that Welcom truly is a hybrid and that our skills range over a broad spectrum.” says Creative Director Jonas Sjövall.

Liseberg and Welcom wins one gold and two silver

From the Swedish Content Awards jury: “Despite pandemic times and the low season, this destination – with a resounding mood and without revealing too much of the experience itself – managed to give the target group a tickling taste of the visit.

It was done with the help of credible storytellers, who play the lead role in their own horror film, a film that was reviewed and debated wildly in the media. The audience flocked to – you just have to experience this with your own eyes.”

Halloween at Liseberg +
We make them apps. We make some campaigns.
We make them apps. We make some campaigns.
Our strategy: You will be successful. Our strategy: You will be successful.
Our strategy: You will be successful. Our strategy: You will be successful.


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