Göteborg Energi

Do less / 2021

Key success factors
  • + Campaign
  • + Digital strategy
  • + PR

An integrated campaign and app launch to get the citizens of Gothenburg to reduce their electricity consumption in favor of the climate.

The City of Gothenburg signed the EU agreement Climate Contract 2030 and will reduce its fossil emissions by 70% by 2030. The city has appointed Göteborg Energi as a key player in this work.

Electrification is necessary for the climate. Dirty fossil fuels must be replaced with clean energy. But the electrical network is not sufficiently developed, so the electricity will not reach the people of Gothenburg in an amount that corresponds to their needs.

Time to do less for the climate

Lack of electricity power is an unknown issue among the citizens. In the available surveys, no one really saw this as a problem. We saw great challenges in capturing the citizens interest in an unknown issue that is definitely difficult to understand. They should not just understand, but they should also like the issue and actually be able to think about changing their own behavior.

Our solution was a campaign in bought and earned media that explained that we all need to change our behavior when it comes to electricity use. We also developed and offered the people of Gothenburg a smart digital app that helps them control their power consumption.

The campaign was successful and had some amazing results. Including over 200 000 app users.