Svenska Hus

/ 2019 – ongoing

Key success factors
  • + Brand concept
  • + Campaign
  • + Web development

Svenska Hus is one of Sweden's largest privately owned real estate companies with residential and commercial premises in the regions of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Skåne.

A customer focused company

In 2020, Svenska Hus turned its light towards its tenants, the people who live and work in the company’s estates. They wanted to learn more about their tenants. What drives them? What challenges and opportunities are they facing in everyday life? Is there any way Svenska Hus can make their stay even better?

In the series Room for new thoughts, we meet tenants and talk to them about their courage to realize their dreams. The viewer finds oneself on an exciting, entertaining and informative journey – exploring what dreams and ideas real estate can hold.

Room for new thoughts

The first two portraits take place on Östra Hamngatan in Gothenburg. We meet Karin Lindberg at the high quality wallpaper store Engelska Tapetmagasinet, and the restaurant owner Zoran Popovski at the Italian restaurant Sorrelina. Since then, the campaign has continued to grow. We have portrayed a wide range of businesses. Including a barbershop, a charcuterie and a company specialized in premium audio equipment.

A few words about the project from:

Mariette Jävert

To change focus from just showing properties, to portraying the people and their work inside Svenska Hus’ estates was a fun, new and informative perspective. The campaign is still alive and we still find new ways to develop the core idea further.

It was interesting to learn more about the tenants’ different businesses. Everyone was very happy with Svenska Hus. We didn’t even have to ask, their response came spontaneously. It’s always very satisfying to work with a genuine company like that.