Get with the program / 2020 – ongoing

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  • + AI Development
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Product development and launch of a digital tool based on machine learning to help students choose upper secondary school programmes.

It's a jungle out there

It is not easy to be fifteen years old, you have to fit in and stand out. On top of that, you also have to make your first, adult decision – choose an upper secondary school programme. Academedia believes in change through education – so do we. That is where the idea for the most accurate upper secondary school test to date was born.

Gymnasiekoll through Machine Learning

The more data, the better recommendation. Through a Machine Learning engine, we collected thousands of students answers about interest, future dreams and upper secondary school, which is the basis for the test on With a test that is not only accurate, but entertaining, we have received answers from over 30,000 young people. Every year that number increases, which means that the test get's better over time.

Make an important decision less dramatic

Unlike parents, student counselors and friends, seniors have a more relaxed view on upper secondary school, and they may not even have attended high school. With the help of a student, seniors took the test and learned about what a jungle it is out there, the advanced technology behind AI and how fun it can be to choose a programme if you have the right tool.

Share your result

To help their friends choose the right upper secondary school programme, we created various sharing features to spread their results on their social media. Together with Instagram's tools, followers can get involved with the content, vote on which programme is best suited and be inspired to do the test themselves.

A few words about the project from:

Amanda Ternblad

To be part of creating a complete solution from product to campaign on such an important subject as education was both challenging and riveting. In addition, using advanced technology such as Machine Learning was incredibly educational for both us and Academedia. It really summed up Academedia's slogan Change through education.