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Welcom has built a brand new e-commerce experience for Lagerhaus in close collaboration with Jetshop, one of Sweden’s largest SaaS commerce providers. Keep reading and learn why we think that design is King, but optimisation is King Kong!

Joyful shopping

Have you ever visited a Lagerhaus store? In that case, you have probably felt the urgent need to add some colour in your life. We wanted to create the same vibe for the online visitor.

Design meets user experience

Welcom was responsible for everything user-centric such as design, website implementation, and optimisation. The result? A joyful shopping experience with state-of-the-art performance.

Design is King, optimization is King Kong

E-com is dynamic, as is the world around us. What we think we might need at the beginning of a project might turn out to be something entirely different a few months into a case. That’s why we always adopt an agile mindset at Welcom. We start by responding to the basic needs of the majority of users. Then we continue to add functionality and optimise what we have already built, together with our client. The result? A truly lovable product that keeps wowing the user. Design is King, but optimisation is King Kong.

Conversion rate +30%

Metrics speak louder than words, right? Three weeks after the launch of the new and improved, we proudly noticed the following increase in engagement. Is it the bright and bubbly products that the site features, the rock-solid back-end that Jetshop provides or the design and impeccable UX from Welcom? ...or could it be the brilliant partnership that formed over the months when we worked together? Our bet is on the latter. For the number lover, here are the beautiful metrics that we are so proud of:




Page views


Quantity checked out

A few words about the project from:

Amanda Axelsson

An incredible fun and creative project where we in the team have had a close collaboration with the customer. It’s particularly wonderful when I, as a designer, get to take turns and work with an exciting identity like Lagerhaus. A project we are very proud of!