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SIA Glass is a family business founded in 1961. All ice cream is made in Sweden with love for the craft and concern for animals and nature.

SIA Glass

Welcom helps SIA Glass with PR activation. For example, launch of new ice cream flavors with support of influencer events to reach specific audiences in social media. Design of merchandise and a close collaboration with influencers to show that the ice cream boat from SIA Glass is the one and only original on the market. Annual trend reports for PR purposes to show that SIA Glass is the leading ice cream manufacturer in sustainable Swedish food production and distribution as well as taste innovation.

The original ice cream boat 2022

The ice cream boat is an iconic Swedish ice cream favourite which has been produced by SIA Glass since 1961. A few years ago, other ice cream manufacturers developed their own variants of the ice cream boat. To show that SIA Glass is the original, we developed a collection of merch.

A PR mailing with merchandise and a lookbook was sent out to selected journalists and influencers.

Ice Cream Trends 2022

SIA Glass is a company that is at the forefront of innovation, sustainability and trends. This year’s trend research report, Ice Cream Trends, showed how much consumer insight, knowledge and hard work was behind the various ice cream flavours and combinations that ended up in the product range.

The report’s surveys were supplemented with sales statistics on best-selling flavours, as well as fun facts about which special trend preferences stand out in different parts of the country.

With the annual reports, SIA Glass shows that it is the leading ice cream manufacturer in sustainable Swedish food production and distribution as well as taste innovation.

New ice cream flavours 2022

During the spring, this year’s new ice cream varieties from SIA Glass were launched. A great PR mailing with loads of ice cream being offered to journalists all over the country.

In Gothenburg, an exclusive launch event was arranged where selected influencers with children were invited to taste this year’s news in a content-friendly environment.

Through long-term relationship building, content-friendly material and exclusive content, the campaign gained a potential reach of just over three million readers, an estimated advertising value of almost fourteen million kronor and a PR value of just over ninety million kronor.

A few words about the project from:

Adam Wladis

To be a part of the team who worked on this project was inspiring and challenging as we had to use several different PR tools in our close cooperation with SIA Glass. We create the most powerful communication when we allow many different layers of PR activities to coexist in a project – partly because we increase the reach and enhance the quality of the content, and partly because it makes our job so much more fun – and that always benefits our client, which is the goal!